The First Ascent Climbing Team is an intensive, highly-awarded program for young athletes looking to take their climbing to the next level in the USA Climbing Youth Competition series.

Evaluations for the 2023/24 season will be Tue., Aug. 29th or Thur., Aug. 31st from 4:00-6:00pm at our Avondale location. 

ONGOING Team Evaluations are currently being scheduled through December 2023, and a new evaluation window will open up Jan. 15th

Please email to schedule an evaluation.

TeamPrice*Training Schedule
Pre-Team Intro


T or R  (2  hrs. total)
Pre-Team$195/moT or R  (2  hrs. total)
Development Team$235/moT/R  (4  hrs. total)
Teenage Team$255/moT/R  (4  hrs. total)
Elite Development Team$345/moM/W/F  (7.5 hrs. total)
Elite Team$365/moM/W/F  (9 hrs. total)

* All levels of team except Pre-Team INTRO include a monthly all-access membership during the 10 month season.

Training Locations and Times (tentative):

Pre-Team & Pre-Team IntroTU or THAVON4-6pm  —   —   —
Develop. TeamTUAVON4-6pmTHHMBT4-6pm
Teenage TeamTUAVON6-8pmTHHMBT6-8pm
Elite Develop. TeamMAVON4-6:30pmWHMBT4-6:30pmFAVON4-6:30pm
Elite TeamMAVON6-9pmWHMBT6-9pmFAVON6-9pm

*Schedule and Pricing subject to change for the 2022/23 season.

Cancellation/Freeze Policy:
Team Members are required to participate in the full 10 month competitive season. Cancellations or freezes will be considered under special circumstances such as injury, moving out of town, etc.

USA Climbing:
EDT and ELITE are expected to join USA Climbing and participate in Local and Regional level events. 

DEVELOPMENT and TEENAGE Team are encouraged to join USAC and compete in local events.

Team Season: Team training runs from Sept. 6th through June 30th, and includes an individual all-access monthly Team membership for your child during that time. This membership is identical to a regular individual monthly membership except that it does not qualify for the FA Perkville Bonus Program