Looking for an in-depth introduction to climbing?
Our Intro To Climbing Package is the best way to get started!

The Intro To Climbing Package will help you learn all of the basics of climbing and jump start your progress. 

What you get with Intro to Climbing:

  • A one-hour Guided Session with an expert guide by your side for your first experience
  • A Learning The Ropes class, where you’ll learn the rope skills needed to climb and belay on top rope 
  • A Learning To Boulder class, where you’ll gain climbing movement skills that will help you jump start your progress
  • 3 additional Day Passes so you can come back and practice your skills
  • Rental Gear for each visit, including climbing shoes, harness, and chalk


For a limited time, all Intro To Climbing Packages are $50 off!

We offer Intro To Climbing Packages for 1, 2, and families so you can get started on your own, with a partner, or with the whole family.

All components of the Intro To Climbing Package are good for 30 days and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

For 1

Start a new solo adventure. 


(reg. $149 | $210 value)

For 2

Grab a partner and let’s climb.


(reg. $199 | $400 value)

Includes all package options for 2 people.

For Families

Get the whole family climbing together.


(reg. $249 | $750 value)

Includes all package options for 2 adults and all children in the same household.

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