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Redpoint Training is a climbing training assessment, planning, and coaching program designed by expert FA climbers.  Our Redpoint coaches bring years of climbing and training experience, a thorough hands-on understanding of the climbing training toolkit, and a friendly, no-frills approach to helping you reach your climbing goals.

To get started, your Redpoint coach will complete a 90-minute assessment of your climbing skills and provide you with a training plan. From there, you can book additional training sessions with your coach, or you can work through your training plan independently.


Get a personalized plan to reach your climbing goals.

During the 90-minute Redpoint Assessment, a coach will guide you through a series of drills designed to identify your opportunities for growth as a climber. Based on the assessment results and your climbing goals, your coach will provide you with a training plan you can follow to reach those goals.

Pricing: $79 members | $99 non-members

FA Members can get half off their Assessment with FA Bonus points!

To get started, complete the Pre-Assessment survey above and we will reach out to schedule your assessment.


Train for climbing with your coach.

Team Training

Training alone is hard. And boring. Come train with a motivated group of climbers and with the guidance of a Redpoint coach. With Redpoint Team Training, you get a weekly training session to learn the workouts for the week in a small-group setting, and you get individualized input on your training plan from your Redpoint Coach. Click your preferred location below to learn more.

Private Sessions

Get 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 training to help you reach your climbing goals. Individual sessions, 5 and 10-packs, and monthly training programs are available. Click your preferred location below to learn more.