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We believe climbing is for all people. At the same time, we recognize that climbing has historically been accessible only to a privileged few, and that the climbing community in our gyms does not represent the diversity we see in the cities we serve. That’s why we launched the FA Foundation. 

Our Mission: Harness the energy of the climbing community to provide access and programming to underserved people and communities, breaking down barriers to entry and creating pathways to pursue climbing for life.

For 2021, we’re focusing the work of the FA Foundation on two main initiatives:

  • REACH Youth Program, offering free weekly coached climbing sessions to kids from 5 non-profit partners who work with youth in the neighborhoods we serve
  • RISE Membership Program, providing reduced-priced First Ascent gym membership options to those who face financial barriers to becoming a member

By June 2022, our goal is to provide 1,000 people with a climbing experience and 250 people with long term climbing access. We know there is a lot of work to be done, and that these efforts represent a small step in the right direction, but we’re glad to be on the journey.

Learn more about the REACH and RISE programs below. Questions? Drop us a line at foundation@faclimbing.com.

About the FA Foundation REACH Program
First Ascent launched the REACH Youth Program to create long term climbing access for kids who may not otherwise have the opportunity to make climbing their sport. 
We are partnering with 5 non-profit organizations who work with youth ages 8-18 in the neighborhoods we serve to create free, weekly, two-hour coached climbing sessions.
The REACH program is progressive, including lessons, challenges, competitions, and coaching that help kids develop as climbers and citizens of the climbing community. As kids progress, they can earn rewards including climbing gear, guest passes, and more. Kids that want to take their climbing to the next level will have the opportunity to apply for our competitive climbing team or a full membership. For REACH kids, the sky’s the limit.
Think the kids your organization serves would benefit from the REACH program? Please contact us at foundation@faclimbing.com and let’s start the conversation.
About the RISE Membership Program
The RISE Membership Program provides reduced-price membership options to those who consistently face financial circumstances that make affording a regular membership difficult. Learn more and apply for the RISE Membership at faclimbing.com/rise.