Our mission is to share our love of climbing with everyone. While we strive to live up to that mission in how we welcome new climbers to our gyms, teach people rope skills and climbing technique, and create a supportive atmosphere for all members and guests, we recognize that our membership pricing is a barrier for some people. 

We created the RISE (Realizing Inclusion & Supporting Equity) membership program to provide reduced-price membership options for those who consistently face financial circumstances that make affording a regular membership difficult or impossible. In particular, we aim to provide membership access pathways for more Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the neighborhoods and communities we serve as part of initiatives we are working on to improve the diversity and inclusivity of climbing.

Here’s how the program works:

  • 35 new RISE memberships are available each month across all FA locations (5 per month per FA location)
  • RISE memberships are distributed on a first come, first served basis to those who complete the application below
  • Each applicant chooses between two RISE membership tiers in their application based on their financial need: $35/mo or $55/mo
    • Any applicant can elect to add dependent children in the household at no extra monthly cost
  • RISE memberships last for 12 months and can be cancelled at any time – if a RISE membership is cancelled, it will be redistributed to a new applicant
  • RISE memberships include rental gear (shoes, harness, and chalk) for each visit
  • Once your 12-month RISE membership is complete, you can either reapply or continue on as a member with a standard membership option
  • If you’d like to expedite the sign-up process after you receive an admission letter from us, you can fill out a waiver in advance and add a card on file via the FA Portal linked above
Thank you for your interest in the RISE membership! We have currently met our RISE membership quota for this upcoming month. If you’ve like to apply for a November 1st start date, please see this page at 9am on October 16th**. 

Questions? Email us at rise@faclimbing.com.

**This date has been moved to the first business day after the fifteenth (October 16th). Our standard registration date is the 15th of each month.