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  • Cancellation Policy: Group Events can be canceled after booking for a full refund of the total cost of the event two weeks prior to the event date. If the event is canceled within 14 days of the event, we refund 50% of the cost of the event. If the event is canceled within 48hours in the event of an emergency, we can refund 25% of the cost of the event. By booking an event you are agreeing to our cancellation policy as well as our other event policies. 

  • Booking and Timeline: We are excited to reintroduce Group Events to many of our locations. For the time being we require all events to be booked two weeks or more in advance in order to allow us time to properly staff your event. We cannot make any exceptions to this timeline and we will update this policy when we are able to reduce the timeline for our group events. Thank you!

  • Communication: For clarification on any of our FAQs, please reach out to our Support Team at All correspondence is responded to within 48 hours and our team is equipped to answer all of the basics in regard to our events. After an event is booked, you will be put in contact with our group event staff that can talk through the day of details and answer and detailed questions you may have. 

  • Additional Participants: Because our events are staffed to adequately supervise the number of participants listed in the booking, we ask that parties do not exceed the number of participants booked, within your tier. If additional climbers arrive the day of the party and participate in the climbing and group event and the additional climbers bump the group size to the next pricing tier, there will be an additional fee of $50 per climber. 

  • Supervising: Our parties are staffed to adequately supervise all participants during the event. Additional adult chaperones are not required but also welcome. Chaperones that are not climbing, but simply observing, do not count towards the group event total and will not be charged for entry. Supervisors are required to fill out a waiver and undergo our orientation. 


  • Are food packages available? We do not provide food packages. Groups may bring their own food, dessert, cutlery, decorations etc. 
  • Do we have a party room? Yes
  • Is alcohol allowed at events? No
  • Are there any situations when the deposit is refundable? Please see the above refund policy for details.
  • What is the cost for additional participants? Please see the above participant policy for details.
  • Are spectators welcome? Yes. Please see the above supervising policy for details.
  • What do the community rooms look like/how many tables and chairs are provided? See this page for a photo of the community room. The community room will be set to accommodate your group size with tables and seating. The community room can be decorated and arranged before the event to suit the needs of the party.
  • Is there a dedicated area for the event? Peoria has a designated climbing area for group participants. The group can stay in this area and explore other areas of the gym.
  • Is clean up included? Yes!
  • What is the age minimum for event participants? Five years and older.
  • Do we have accommodations for climbers with special needs? We can accommodate climbers with additional needs. Please reach out to your gyms Group Event Manager to make additional arrangements and to secure proper staffing.

Questions? Please contact our team at