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First time climbing, or first time in a while?
Welcome in and let’s climb.

First Ascent is Chicago’s locally grown, world-class group of climbing gyms. Simply put: we love climbing – it’s a super fun way to stay active, challenge yourself, and meet new people. The only thing we love more than climbing is introducing other people to climbing, and we’re excited that you made it here.

For first time visitors, we highly recommend booking a Guided Climbing Session with one of our expert guides. 

A Guided Climbing Session is the best way to experience all First Ascent has to offer on your first visit.

A Guided Climbing Session package includes:

  • 1 hour of expert instruction with a First Ascent Guide
  • Tips on climbing technique, terminology, etiquette, and safety
  • A second hour to explore the gym on your own
  • All the gear you’ll need (shoes, harness, and chalk)
  • All the climbing you can fit into one session

We have several Guided Session packages available:

Guided Session
for One

Get an expert guide all to yourself and enjoy a solo adventure.

Roped Climbing $49
Bouldering $39

Guided Session
for Two

Most popular. Grab a friend or family member and come climb.

Roped Climbing $69
Bouldering $59

Guided Session
for Families*

Enjoy a fun day out as a family climbing to new heights.

Roped Climbing $99
Bouldering $89

*A Guided Session for Families includes two adults and all children in the same household.

Here are 2 ways to decide between a Roped Climbing or Bouldering session:

1STYLE: Learn about the difference between roped climbing and bouldering (click for more) and select the style you’re most interested in.

2. LOCATIONRoped Climbing sessions are only available at our Avondale location. Bouldering sessions are available at our Block 37Humboldt Park, and Uptown locations. 

Ready for some adventure?

Click below to see our Guided Session availability and book your session.

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