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First time climbing, or first time in a while?
Welcome in and let’s climb!

First Ascent is Peoria’s first and only full service climbing gym. Simply put: we love climbing – it’s a super fun way to stay active, challenge yourself, and meet new people. The only thing we love more than climbing is introducing other people to the climbing, and we’re excited that you made it here.

Ready for some adventure?

Let's do this. Select the option below that best describes you.

Best for new(ish) climbers looking for a great first experience with an expert by their side.

Climb with an expert guide. Includes 1 hour of instruction, Day Pass to explore on your own afterward, and all the climbing gear you need. Book for up to 6 people.

Starting at $49

Best for independent learners who like to jump right in.

Purchase a Day Pass to gain access to everything First Ascent has to offer for the day: climbing, yoga classes, fitness equipment, hangout spaces, and more.

Starting at $19

Best for new climbers who want to learn climbing fundamentals.

In this 90-minute class, you’ll learn the knots and belay technique needed to climb on top rope in a relaxed, small group environment.

Starting at $29

Best for anyone who is ready to launch their climbing journey.

We have membership options available for individuals, students, and families alike. Join the FA member community and let’s climb to new heights together!

Starting at $75/mo

Questions? Check out our FAQs page or drop us a line at